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  • 5 Star Comfortable nice ring
    By nicole michelle 05/17/2020
    I would say that the picture makes it look like a more rustic ring rather than it actually is. But other than that, it is very similar like the picture. Good quality. Good packaging. It isn't heavy, comfortable. Very nice ring overall.
  • 5 Star Great ring
    By Patricia Begley 04/15/2020
    Perfect, little silver ring. I love the abstract design. I have always adored silver and I'm happy to add this one to my collection. I've been wearing it since I received it in the mail.
  • 5 Star loved it
    By Fayrelia Robinson 03/21/2020
    I lost the first one within days of receipt, loved it so much I immediately purchased another. The design is simple, with clean lines, but elegant at the same time. I wear on my middle finger.
  • 5 Star Absolutely perfect
    By kcm6868 03/09/2020
    Elegant or sporty. Wears nice and comfy. True to size, I got a size 10 for my bad finger. It fits perfect even when finger swells. There is a little extra when not swollen, but not to where it falls off.
  • 4 Star So simple but elegant
    By S. Marks 02/11/2020
    I have 2 of these rings - and I love them both. I have one for each hand - and they are just easy breezy on the hand - and you can wear them with anything. They are light weight - so you may forget that you are wearing them.
  • 5 Star Absolutely a lively piece
    By Naatasha Riley 01/19/2020
    I absolutely love this ring. It is very simple but splendidly unique at the same time. I wear it everyday. So light and gorgeous, considering buying another for the left hand. If you are a lover of simple, well made silver band type rings this ring is a must have.
  • 5 Star lots of dazzle
    By rhowenna9 12/30/2019
    I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. However I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my parcel today. We'll see how it holds up but so far very pleasing to the eye as well as my pocketbook!
  • 5 Star Beautiful Ring
    By Sherrie M. 12/17/2019
    It may not have real diamonds but it looks like it truly does. Great ring for the price I have gotten a ton of compliments on this ring and I would definitely order this piece again. I will be buying more jewelry from FindURings in the near future. Worth the money for sure. I give this piece an AAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++!!
  • 5 Star Sterling Silver CZ ring
    By Lessons L. 12/11/2019
    I love, love. love this ring! Sizing is exact and the ring weighs nothing. It goes with everything. If you like pretty rings that hold up well this is the ring for you.
  • 5 Star Beautiful Rings...!
    By Robert Cornelison 11/29/2019
    I ordered a matching set for me & my gf and I'm very impressed! The rings are absolutely gorgeous & she is extremely happy with hers, as am I. Especially for the price, I'm amazed at the quality & attention to detail. Very pleased!!
  • 5 Star Change it up!
    By Kelly-Marie 11/22/2019
    I love this ring! I bought my husband & myself these as new wedding rings! I like to change things up so I purchased these as an Anniversary gift for us!
  • 4 Star Great quality, excellent choice!
    By kim 11/10/2019
    I love the quality and the weight of the rings. I would have liked to have more detail/clarity with the actual heart in the design. Besides that the rings are perfect.
  • 5 Star Absolutely Beautiful
    By Gosia 10/17/2019
    Beautiful! Very similar to Swarovsky ring but when i put both next to each other this one looked original but Swarovsky looked like fake as it was less shiny. Everybody give me compliments on this one.
  • 4 Star Love it!!!
    By Becky F 10/09/2019
    Great Quality!! I wear this to workout, to the beach, almost daily for months now. It has not tarnished or gotten dull. It shines bright like a diamond !!! I would definitely recommend this ring!
  • 5 Star Nobody can tell it’s not a real diamond.
    By Grace Eastman 9/21/2019
    I get tons of compliments on this ring, nobody even knows it’s not real. Matches well with my existing wedding band, wanted something to wear to work that I wouldn’t be sad if it got ruined. I like the side details and the stones are sparkling and well placed.
  • 5 Star Not a bad hight. Don't worry about it.
    By Hannah Knodel 9/13/2019
    Worn it non stop for four months now. It can take a beating and still look stunning. Wearing till I can replace my lost ring. Simply beautiful. Looks real. Have had many compliments on it.
  • 5 Star Beautiful!!
    By StephanieP 8/16/2019
    These rings are gorgeous! They are so sparkly and the silver is very shiny. They are both stamped 925 for sterling silver. All of the stones were in place and nothing seems loose at all. I have been wearing them while doing dishes, cleaning, and every other daily activity and so far they still look brand new. 
  • 5 Star Unbelievable Quality!
    By 04Blackram 8/3/2019
    These rings are beautiful and comfortable. The quality is so impressive. No sharp edges, perfectly polished and engraved. Super light like Titanium should be. Fitment is perfect.
  • 5 Star Very pleased!
    By Happy 7/11/2019
    Ring just arrived and am very pleased with the quality. Can't review how it will hold up, but expect it to be fine, based on the initial impression. Company sent an email to be sure i had a good experience and to find out if i needed any help. Nice touch.
  • 4 Star good
    By Jennifer 7/5/2019
    The ring came quickly and looked very nice when we opened it up. It has a nice weight to it and is true to size. So far my husband loves it. I'll update this review after a few months to let you know about the finish. Right now it's a lovely rose gold, I hope it stays that way!
  • 5 Star Tabitha
    By Tabitha 6/27/2019
    Beautiful. Everybody think it's real. Many people look very close and cannot tell the difference. It it very beautiful and very shiny. It looks like the real deal. Well worth the momney
  • 5 Star Fits beautifully
    By Brittany 6/12/2019
    Fits beautifully! I highly recommend purchasing, if you are on the fence. Have won it for the past few days, it’s very comfortable and does not irritate my skin.
  • 5 Star Satisfied in New York
    By Ashley 5/23/2019
    OMG!! I just received my ring!!!I am totally totally in love. It has the right amount of sparkle I needed it for my middle finger and it fitted perfectly couldn't wait to be asked to make a review I willingly Contributed my opinion. I needed it for my middle finger and it fitted perfectly size 8 I totally love my new ring couldn't wait to share my joy.
  • 5 Star Highly Recommended! Never fail to get compliments every time I wear this ring!
    By M. Lynn 5/17/2019
    I did get it one size too big (not actually knowing my true ring size) and had passed my window for product return/exchange period - but as opposed to returning it got a ring sizer. 
  • 5 Star Dainty and Very Sparkly
    By V.Perez 5/11/2019
    This ring is beautiful, it is so sparkly and dainty. I wanted something different, and for the price I decided to go with this ring. I did not have any issues with the ring or its prongs catching on my clothing. I wanted jewelry to wear to the office that would match everything I wore, and this ring worked out perfectly for that.
  • 5 Star Great purchase!
    By Heatherberry 4/29/2019
    This is the second purchase I've made of a tungsten ring from FINDURINGS. I purchased the first one for myself and this one for my husband. After nearly 12 years of marriage our original wedding rings were really beaten up. These rings are very classy, comfortable, affordable, super strong and crazy durable.
  • 4 Star Great ring
    By Cecilia 4/15/2019
    Great looking ring, very comfortable. Looks better in person then it does in the photo. I've only worn the ring for a few days now and already gotten a lot of compliments.
  • 5 Star Wonderful ring
    By Astrid37 3/25/2019
    Wonderful ring. I have worn this everywhere under all conditions for five months, and it has not changed color nor scratched. It is true to size, remains shiny as new, and is very comfortable. I have never had to specifically clean it nor polish it. The price cannot be beat. This is a no-brainer for a wedding band, especially for traveling.
  • 3 Star Satisfied Buyer
    By Alex 2/18/2019
    I am female and wear size 6. This ring is true to size and very comfortable. The metal is super shiny. It's definitely a thicker more masculine looking ring so just be sure that's the look you're going for.
  • 5 Star Great buy!
    By Kate N. 12/7/2018
    Looks great with my white gold engagement ring! Comfortable to wear and the size was spot on. I bought this to replace my original wedding band which is also made from tungsten carbide. My original ring has withstood years of wear and tear without a single scratch so I definitely wanted another tungsten ring. This was a great choice.
  • 4 Star Good price
    By Hart 12/4/2018
    Better quality than expected for such a good price! Speedy delivery and very easy return/refund when I needed a bigger size!
  • 4 Star We like them very much
    By Jannette 11/29/2018
    We like them very much. I thought they would be bulky and heavy for me, but not at all. My husband and I now have matching wedding bands after 27 years of marriage. Thank you.
  • 5 Star Great product and durable.
    By D. Brewer 11/19/2018
    Great ring I have been wearing now for 8 months with no noticeable wear. It is a nice size and weight.
  • 4 Star Very beautiful
    By Alexia Loaiza 11/15/2018
    Bought this ring for my mom about 6 months ago and she loved it. It not as heavy as it look and it very beautiful.
  • 5 Star Great wedding ring!
    By Christine 11/17/2018
    Very happy with my wedding ring, looks expensive and gets noticed. Holds up to a lot of abuse and still looks great. Has a nice heavy feel to it and yet very comfortable. Just make sure you are sized for a wider band and it runs true to size. Would definitely recommend this ring!
  • 5 Star Very nice, great finish on them.
    By Cyndi Glidewell 11/6/2018
    I bought this one for myself, the 8mm for my fiance. We both love them, very nice fit and bands are beautiful.
  • 5 Star I love this ring
    By PeachieKeen 10/28/2018
    Size was perfect. I love the weight of it. It is absolutely beautiful. For the price I expected it to be cheaply made, or turn my finger green. I was so proud to give these as a gift. The rings are constantly being complimented!!
  • 5 Star Definitely would recommend
    By Ashlyn hazelaar 10/27/2018
    Was actually very well made for the price and very high quality. Definitely would recommend
  • 4 Star Adorable
    By Rebecca Shaw 10/26/2018
    Fits just like other tungsten rings. Smooth edges and very nice. Very cute rings. Got the matching set for my wife and I to wear when we are doing things and she doesn't want to damage her fancy ring. Highly recommend, I now wear mine on my right hand the rest of time because I like it.
  • 5 Star Love! Love!
    By Shelby J Arey 10/20/2018
    Love the ring!!! I ordered two. Kept one and gave one to my daughter. She is expecting her first grand baby and I my first Great grand child! This seemed the perfect ring. It’s beautiful and scratch resistant. I have worn it awhile and no scratches. My daughter loves it to. I would definitely recommend it.
  • 5 Star Great Quality
    By MeMonaLisa 10/18/2018
    I wear this ring everyday. I cook in it. I clean in it. I do hair in it. I operate heavy machinery in it. I bath in it, n sleep in it. It's my wedding band. It never comes off. I've had it for about a month now and there's not a scratch on it. I even bought my husband the 8mm band just like it. 
  • 4 Star Beautiful ring
    By J. R. 10/16/2018
    Bought it for a wedding ring for my husband. He lost his original one and chose this as a replacement. Looks great, great quality. He works construction and it is holding up well.
  • 5 Star Was a perfect gift
    By Kate and John 10/4/2018
    Was a perfect gift from my girlfriend, it fits perfectly and it has a smooth brushed metal feeling, really premium.
  • 5 Star Very true to size
    By Gaetane 9/28/2018
    Very true to size. Extremely nice quality. It exceeds my expectations, especially for the price. Would definitely recommend and will purchase in the future again.
  • 5 Star Gorgeous ring
    By Calandra 9/25/2018
    WOW! My husband just received this gorgeous ring today. We are living in two separate states for now being I'm retired and he's not. So, I surprised him with this beautiful wedding band. I haven't seen it. But, he's so happy with this beautiful gift. He said, 'this ring is so beautiful, comfortable and shines'. Great investment!
  • 4 Star Even more beautiful in person
    By MrsTaz 9/25/2018
    We just received this ring today and it is truly even more beautiful in person. Fit was perfect and it’s got the perfect amount of subtle color to make it unique. Very impressed with the quality!
  • 5 Star Perfect ring
    By Jackie Mullen 9/16/2018
    We got my husbands finger sized at a jewelry store and it fits perfect. We ordered a size 11. It looks a little bit darker than the picture but I really love the way it looks and my husband said it feels comfortable.
  • 5 Star Indestructible
    By XcessHubris 9/10/2018
    Beautiful, inexpensive, and absolutely indestructible. I wore my previous ring for several years and only bought another because I got chubby and my last ring was too tight. The first ring doesn't have a single scratch and I'm not a delicate person.
  • 5 Star Look great
    By Calantha 9/4/2018
    Great ring! Virtually impossible to scratch. Looks great. I wear it a lot. Very well made.
  • 5 Star Comfortable
    By Ballard 8/28/2018
    My husband has had this wedding ring for over 6 months and it looks like new. For the price that's hard to believe! It doesn't leave marks on his finger and he says it's very comfortable to wear. The size was spot on.
  • 5 Star Worth every penny
    By Xavier 8/20/2018
    I think we are all suspicious of reasonably priced jewelry and worried that they are not good quality because they are cheap. but that isnt the case here. The colors are vivid, feels comfortable when worn. Worth every penny.
  • 4 Star Fits as expected
    By Cheryl 7/4/2018
    I thought the blue would show more, but I'm overall happy with it for the price. Fits as expected.
  • 5 Star Highly recommend
    By Ryley Kalem Rodriguez 6/12/2018
    My husband works in a warehouse lifting and moving heavy stone. This ring gets abused daily and I have yet to see any scratches, knocks, or cracks in the ring. For the price, and the quality I would highly recommend.
  • 5 Star Excellent ring
    By Vegan Venus 6/1/2018
    Excellent ring for the price. I went by my normal ring size and it was a perfect fit. I’ve had mine for over a week and I work with hands and it still looks the same. I did have to return one I accidentally ordered two and the refund was a breeze. Highly recommend it!
  • 5 Star Very Fetching looking ring
    By Brian Jerez 12/25/2017
    Very Fetching looking ring. The curved inside really helps this ring feel comfy all the time.
  • 4 Star Arrived quickly
    By Thorne 11/4/2017
    I bought this ring for my boyfriend as a promise ring. I am a college student living on my own so money is tight, but I wanted to get him something nice. The quality on this ring is exceptional. I'm very happy I bought this ring from this seller. Would recommend to a friend.

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