How to choose a wedding band for man? In fact, there are many wedding rings to choose from, including tungsten rings, gold rings, titanium rings, stainless steel rings and so on. You may have many questions: Do you have a certain preference for certain metals or materials? Are you likely to affect the allergic reaction you decide? What color do you want to see with your left hand every day? How much do you want to spend?


Today's wedding rings have far exceeded basic gold and silver, which is a good thing. The new option is durable, lightweight, and more affordable than traditional options. First select the basic material of the ring:


1. Titanium

Titanium is much lighter and does not conduct heat or cold, so it is an excellent choice for many hobbies and professions.

2. Stainless steel

For many people who want a light, durable, maintenance-free ring, this is actually the first choice. However, it must be noted that stainless steel usually contains nickel, so if you have an allergic reaction, stay away.


3. Ceramics

Ceramic rings are super durable, lightweight and metal-free, so they are hypoallergenic.

4. High polished ring is probably the most traditional choice, and describes metals with reflective finish. Matte has a low-key modern feel, so it is less reflective. The combined wedding ring combines matte and high polished texture.


Whether you choose a low-key and classic band or a more unique and compelling band, there are countless ways to personalize the band by carving. The date of the wedding, the name of the fiance or the initials of the name, phrases, phrases or lyrics are essential to your love story, and engraving these on the ring will give it more meaning. You can even engrave your fiancé’s fingerprint on the ring. What could be more romantic than someone who chooses to make the other half of you close to you? You can keep the engraving on the inside or outside of the ring according to your wishes, or you can carve according to your wishes.


Today's wedding rings have many different styles and styles, giving men more choices. Black wedding rings, silver and blue tungsten wedding rings are excellent choices for men's wedding rings.