When purchasing jewelry or cutlery, two commonly used materials that may be seen are stainless steel and sterling silver. Though similar to look at when they are polished, they are quite different, and this article will clarify their differences as follows.

1. Definition

Stainless steel combines the strength, durability, and functionality of steel with the luster, low-maintenance upkeep, and resistance to corrosion of chromium. Applications of stainless steel include cookware, surgical equipment, architecture, and jewelry, among many others.

925 sterling silver is an alloy composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal (usually copper). Pure silver is normally too soft to create anything functional or durable, and therefore alloying the silver with another metal allows it to have the potency of another metal, with the flexibleness and lustrous appearance of silver. Sterling silver can be used to create jewelry, cutlery, and musical instruments (some manufacturers of brass wind instruments such as for example saxophones choose to make the instruments out of sterling silver as opposed to brass).

2. Price Value

You should not guess, you understand Stainless steel is a lot cheaper than sterling silver, when you look into a gold product, let's say a pendant, and the cost seems too good to be true, than it is possible that is not silver, You can buy a metal pendant at about 10 dollar, but you will never view a sterling silver pendant for only 10 dollar. With sterling silver valued at over US$ 10 per troy oz while 304 SS might be US$1.00 per pound, one factor of ~150X. Unless it is relatively small, exactly like another things, the larger, heavier, the more you pay. Sound right right?

3. Weight

Steel basically kind of iron, and silver is one of many semi-precious metal (Some Eastern country does not even observe that as semi-precious). When you yourself have two rings on your own hand, same design same size, you'll instantly feel that, silver is way lighter than steel. When you got a great silver ring which looks awesome, and it's heavy however not too costly, think again maybe it's steel. On the planet of silver trading, price is definitely associated with weight. You will never find someone sell a chunky silver piece in a cheap price, on another hand steel is not at all something well worth a lot of money, the expense of steel jewelry is principally on the style, workmanship, rather than the material.

4. Flexibility or Hardness

Pure silver is soft very soft, not good on jewelry making, this is exactly why jewelers develop something call 925 Sterling silver that made luxury and jewelry industry easier, for details please read another article about 925 sterling silver. What exactly we have to know here's nor just lightweight but additionally soft even it becomes 925 sterling silver it's still soft comparatively. As for Steel, it is probably one of the extremely useful cheap metal ever. Hardness is times over Silver, it is an alloy of iron, but won't easily get rusty. There's no doubt about it's strength! As on jewelry, steel jewelry can last lengthy as a result of material. But what make people don't want it was because it's overweight as for daily wearing. Imagine you wear and steel made necklace and earrings…that doesn't appear to be enjoyable, regardless of how nice these jewelries are.

5. Shininess

They both have some sort of shiny silver like color, but silver is distinctively lighter and brighter color when it's well polished, that has an unique charm that steel can not give us, but the defect is silver does get tarnish over enough time, however that somehow bring us another kind of charming, tons of people love that kind of tarnish, on another hand we've steel, which may never change color or tarnish, it is really as bright as it was, never change. Well, sterling silver has a unique elegance and beauty, and steel will never catch up. That's what we have to know.

6. Durability

We believe both material silver and steel can last ever long, but when you truly use them in a tough working environment, or somewhere with lots of toxic chemical, consider use steel rather than silver. Because silver does react when contact with some unnatural elements.

Nevertheless tarnished silver could be clean again, but when you say long last, Steel will definitely win.

As for which metal is better to fashion jewelry, I would recommend sterling silver. Once we already known steel is tough, and silver is soft. It is simple to carve words directly on the surface of silver, but you are unlikely doing anything on steel without proper tools. The majority of the steel jewelries are factory made, mold copies, because it's extremely difficult to accomplish by handcrafting, that's exactly why steel jewelry is cheap. AS for Silver, it's a skill form material that allow artisans to manage, Silver jewelry can be achieved with amazing crafted details, which can be much better than steel. And this really is also the worth of silver jewelries, the spirit of artisans are typical within! If your job is not friendly to sterling silver, stainless steel is really a better choice.