You put the wedding rings on each other finger , you completed the wedding, and you went on a honeymoon negotiation. Maybe you want to go further or go for a romantic European honeymoon, which sounds appealing, but it may be beyond the price range. In fact, there are many affordable honeymoons to choose from in Europe. Consider these affordable European honeymoon destinations.


1. Paros island, Greece

Because Greek white buildings contrast with the blue waters, many people like to go to Greece for their honeymoon, and the country's islands basically define romance. You can rent a scooter and explore the city while enjoying the sunset of the Aegean Sea while enjoying fresh seafood and white wine on a romantic evening.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

As Turkey attracts more and more tourists, Turkey is still a reasonable honeymoon destination for experienced travelers who are eager to use culture as the key word for their journey. There are many sights to visit in Istanbul: from the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, museums to Topkapi Palace. With centuries of fascinating history and some of the world's most incredible street foods, you won't get bored or hungry.

3. Vienna, Austria

If you are a music fan, you and your partner will especially love this cheap destination, as the town is built on some of the most influential composers of our time. Mozart and Beethoven were trained here, and Freud looked for inspiration in these beautiful streets.

4. Riga, Latvia

Latvia's capital is indeed a sweet seaside area you will love, although it is not as well known as other affordable honeymoon towns in Europe. Lovers of art and history will love the fact that Riga is indeed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has many galleries of local artists. This is a rich cultural heritage because it has been governed by many rules throughout history and offers interesting culinary choices and traditions.


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